QUIK HOT(TM) is the only Patent pending organic, flameless hot water heater in the world that's made specifically to heat water!

How it works?

1) Exothermic reaction! What? Well, when our organic catalyst  is added to our Patented organic heater, heat is created. After the heater has been used, it becomes an organic substance which will not hurt the environment!

Can I reuse it more than once?

Yes! The great part about QUIK HOT is that after you use

the first bag of water, you can refill it again and again.

Each time you refill the bag it does take a bit longer to heat up additional bags.

How long will it keep heating?

In normal outside temperatures, about 5 hours. It does gradually cool down from the initial start up, and will

take each additional refills longer to heat.

Can I use it in the rain or freezing temperatures?

Yes! QUIK HOT can be used in any weather! When you need hot water fast, QUIK HOT will be there for you, anytime, anywhere.

Where's the value?

QUIK HOT  is no one trick pony! It can keep you fed and clean, along with doing dishes, wash clothes, clean up after the hunt, prevent hypothermia and more!  After use, use the bags to keep clothes sealed and moisture free! Now that's VALUE!